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Our Journey begin with problem, passion, and pride.

After years living as students in a big city like Jakarta, we realize that we have so many needs.

Shirts, jackets, bags, and all of the things that we wear everywhere are boundled in too unreasonable price for students like us. Although that things appear in shiny store on the big named mall around Indonesia and we paid for the name of well-known brand, they can't assure it will be lasting for a long period.

In such manner, Dementia was born for giving option to the people.

Our excitements in fashion drive us to this industry. Creative responsibilities draw us giving you choices for your wear. Seeing people swaging with local made stuff is something that make us so proud. It means people believe that local industry is qualified to be in a race with foreign brand.

Those three things lead us to our journey. We provide you the things that satisfy you.

Enjoy our works,